Vacation Clothes: 6 Must Have Items For Your Adventure

I hate packing for trips. Why? Because I’m at war with myself. Part of me wants to just give in and only pack comfortable clothing. Another part of me can travel into the future and see the disappointment on my face as I look through pictures of myself on social media exclaiming, “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!” Like that time my boyfriend took me to Disneyland to propose to me. An important moment in life scarred by bad fashion.

Maybe we don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. I think I’ve found a happy medium. Here’s a few tips & tricks that have helped me from theme parks to international travel.

David proposed to Jenny on Main Street at Disneyland on May 27, 1998. They have both overcome the poor fashion statements of that day!

On vacation you can catch Jenny in the kitchen like a Simmons whipping Pastry (or sometimes Chuck’s)>

1. Take at least 2 pairs of shoes to alternate

This will help your feet but also help you feel stylish which is more important. Priorities. (I always take a pair of Converse. They are comfortable, look great with everything and are a classic – will always in style.) My current crushes are Pastry Kicks in mint green & white hi-top Converse.

2. Classic light weight black cardigan or blazer

This is great especially for travel on an airplane. I feel like airplanes are either boiling lava hot or colder than Loki’s heart, never in between.

Layer up (or down) in classic black.

This is my favorite bag. I got it for a price Betsey Johnson would likely not approve of at a discount store.

3. Cross body bag or fashion backpack

I inevitably carry around everyone’s stuff. I like to have a bag large enough for a bottled water.

4. Denim

A nice pair of denim never hurt anyone. When shopping for jeans, take along your brutally honest best friend to do a thorough inspection of your posterior, insuring you look your best. (A real friend tells you how you look in your jeans.) I personally love the worn look of the boyfriend jean. They’re comfortable for daytime, but you can throw on a blazer over a graphic tee, some pointy toed flats or that pair of pumps you’ve been saving for a special occasion for a touch of glam. Toss out the backpack for a clutch & you’re ready for a kid-free night on the town!

Shawty had them apple-bottom jeans, boots with the fur…

Bottle Cap Hoodies are scientifically proven to be more cozy!

5. A Hoodie

Great for those cold nights! (Like a Bottle Cap Badge hoodie!) Stop stealing your husband’s sweatshirt and get your own. I love to buy a size up because they feel so cozy!

6. Accessories

I love the vintage/rockabilly style – it’s my thing. I love retro nylon scarves & bandanas for my hair. It turns my lazy travel messy bun from drab to fab! You can also wear as a bracelet or neckerchief. They take up little to no room in your suitcase.