Costco With Twins

Have you ever taken your kids to Costco on a Saturday? It’s the worst idea evs. I mean, I’m stoked that both kids can sit in the kiddie seat of their carts. (If only they’d stop messing with each other!) There’s samples. But then there’s looking for a garbage can to dispose of the food sample’s paperware. There’s also tons of people. There’s some demo where a guy is making smoothies in like a Ninja blender while wearing a Britney mic. Money seems to disappear from your wallet quickly. And why oh why do they sell giant bottles of Worcestershire sauce in a twin pack? God as my witness, my parents only ever bought 1 bottle of the stuff and it was in our fridge for 15 years and it was about half the size of these puppies.


My kids start singing “yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate’s life for me” while waiting to check out. It’s adorable and brings smiles to the hard working clerk who’s boxing up groceries in the line next to us. Yep, cutest pirates ever sailing the aisles of the Costco, seeking samples and treasures. I look over at their dad and think all I’ll ever need is literally right here. In that moment, they are perfection with a cart full of bulk items. 06

Costco was my adventure. What’s yours?

Jenny Conlee

One thought on “Costco With Twins

  1. Stacey Garry says:

    HA! Costco and kids, always an adventure. Worcestershire sauce is bottled heaven… you need to know this! You can NOT make stew without it, you just can’t.
    Ordering my shirt now. I will rock it. 🙂

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