Levi Adventure Bug

This kid. This was his idea of getting ready for school this morning. Nothing says “Adventure” like a Davey Crockett hat, Mickey Mouse Ears, a Jesus necklace, Star Wars backpack, a tail & a dagger. Top the look off with some Batman shades & a Bottlecap tee & what do you get? The coolest kid ever!

Sick Daze

Dude. Parents don’t get sick days. So, don’t get sick. Ha!

I found myself on the couch recently, not feeling great. It did not feel like like my finest parenting hour.

Sometimes it’s about just doing what you can. Some days are hard. Just remember – you’re currently living in “the good old days”. Soon you’ll look back at this time of your life as the best time of your life.


Costco With Twins

Have you ever taken your kids to Costco on a Saturday? It’s the worst idea evs. I mean, I’m stoked that both kids can sit in the kiddie seat of their carts. (If only they’d stop messing with each other!) There’s samples. But then there’s looking for a garbage can to dispose of the food sample’s paperware. There’s also tons of people. There’s some demo where a guy is making smoothies in like a Ninja blender while wearing a Britney mic. Money seems to disappear from your wallet quickly. And why oh why do they sell giant bottles of Worcestershire sauce in a twin pack? God as my witness, my parents only ever bought 1 bottle of the stuff and it was in our fridge for 15 years and it was about half the size of these puppies.


My kids start singing “yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate’s life for me” while waiting to check out. It’s adorable and brings smiles to the hard working clerk who’s boxing up groceries in the line next to us. Yep, cutest pirates ever sailing the aisles of the Costco, seeking samples and treasures. I look over at their dad and think all I’ll ever need is literally right here. In that moment, they are perfection with a cart full of bulk items. 06

Costco was my adventure. What’s yours?

Fall Is Here!

Today is the first official day of fall. However, I am on the Starbucks Fall schedule which started on September 1 with the pouring of happiness in a cup that we all know as the PSL. We are so excited for Fall! Especially with our first trip to Disneyland as a family coming up at the end of October. We cannot wait to experience our favorite place – the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH – with our boys for the first time.

I can’t wait for all of the trees in my neighborhood to change color. They turn from green to orange, from orange to red, from red to brown, then eventually touch the ground. As I walk on the crunchy remains of the season, it sounds like music to me. Like a beating of a drum marching us forward with time, reminding us that life happens in seasons.

Grab your sweater. Let the sun and gentle chill of the breeze kiss your face. Choose to embrace the season. Choose adventure.


4 Daily Must-Haves

I’m in panic mode. These are go-to items I HAVE TO keep on hand for survival. Not just vacation. I’m talking about DAILY life essentials. I am just about OUT of all of them. Time to restock to mom-bag! Here are just a few products I LOVE. What’s in your purse?


Hand Sanitizer
I have kids. Need I say more?









$5.00 at Bath & Body Works


Friction Block Stick
I use this Band-Aid brand product. You can find it easily in the band-aid aisle at your local grocer or drug store. It’s like a tiny little deodorant. Rub it on your feet where your shoe rubs. Even if the area HURTS more than when Agent Colson gets killed in Avengers, it will not blister.


$4.79 at Target stores.


I do not mess around with my fair skin – or my pasty kids’ skin! We apply frequently to be safe.


$6.44 Walmart stores.


Vaseline Lip Therapy
I keep this little tiny tub in my purse for the fam. I find it’s great for chapped lips but I have also used it on dry skin patches in a pinch. Not going to lie, I think it’s adorable too. I know. I’m weird.1379350_1379350__50186_std








$1.79 Walgreens.