Pumpkin Patch Cuteness

The boys looked huge at the pumpkin patch this year.  I love this annual tradition that we get to share with their local grandparents. It’s fun to watch them grow. It’s a little different every year. (And of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear our Bottle Cap shirts on our adventure!)


I love that the boys get to run around in a hay maze.


Or climb a tractor.


And try to pick up every single pumpkin they see.


And it wouldn’t be an adventure without the classic sticking out of the tongue when your dad takes the millionth picture of you because he doesn’t want to miss a single moment of you growing up.


What are your favorite fall traditions?

Hump Day

It’s Wednesday! You’re almost to the weekend. You’re counting down the days and hours. But….are you missing what is right in front of you? Are you present?  Are you glued to your cell phone and ignoring your kids?  Wherever you are today, be ALL IN.

So, go on. Dive in. Make today great. Brighten someone’s day. Call your mother. Eat some fruit. Go and just be. Head first.


Popcorn Movie Night

The boys love popcorn movie night. We try to do it every weekend. I love the snuggles I get when I sit in the “seat of honor”. That is the middle of the love seat, and you have a boy sit on either side of you. Them, a blanket, popcorn, a fun movie – I am all set.

Sometimes adventure for me looks like this quiet evening at home. I feel like all week long we are go-go-go. How can I be bored and busy at the same time? I cherish these moments when we slow down and just enjoy our time together.

Love is the greatest adventure of all.