The Bottle Cap Badge Co. is all about choosing adventure every day.

In 2008, we learned we could not have children.  We were devastated.  It was a difficult few years as we each processed this challenge.  We cried, fought, and threw ourselves into work and outside interests to distract from the loss.  The good news is we survived this season, and we made a new pact to CHOOSE ADVENTURE.

If we couldn’t have kids, we would do things that people with kids couldn’t do as easily.  We would travel, pursue our interests, and take big risks.  On Valentine’s Day 2012, unbeknownst to the other, we bought each other an “Elle Badge” from the Disney/Pixar movie “Up.”  It was our way of saying to each other, we are all in to seek out new adventures together.  We pursued our dreams, travelled to Paris, and changed our outlook on life.

The Bottle Cap Badge Co. was born out of the journey we’ve been on to chase after the fullest life possible and explore new frontiers.  We want to invite you on the journey with us, to discover your own adventures, and mark them with a Bottle Cap Badge.

As it turns out, our story has a “happily ever after.”  Shortly after our dream vacation to Paris, Jenny and I adopted twin two year old boys, and we set off on the greatest adventure we’ve ever experienced.  We are more determined than ever to live a life of adventure and show our boys how to chase their dreams and live life to the fullest.  The Bottle Cap Badge Co. is for them, and for you.

Join the journey.  Choose adventure.  Everyday.