4 Daily Must-Haves

I’m in panic mode. These are go-to items I HAVE TO keep on hand for survival. Not just vacation. I’m talking about DAILY life essentials. I am just about OUT of all of them. Time to restock to mom-bag! Here are just a few products I LOVE. What’s in your purse?


Hand Sanitizer
I have kids. Need I say more?









$5.00 at Bath & Body Works


Friction Block Stick
I use this Band-Aid brand product. You can find it easily in the band-aid aisle at your local grocer or drug store. It’s like a tiny little deodorant. Rub it on your feet where your shoe rubs. Even if the area HURTS more than when Agent Colson gets killed in Avengers, it will not blister.


$4.79 at Target stores.


I do not mess around with my fair skin – or my pasty kids’ skin! We apply frequently to be safe.


$6.44 Walmart stores.


Vaseline Lip Therapy
I keep this little tiny tub in my purse for the fam. I find it’s great for chapped lips but I have also used it on dry skin patches in a pinch. Not going to lie, I think it’s adorable too. I know. I’m weird.1379350_1379350__50186_std








$1.79 Walgreens.

Jenny Conlee

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